Thursday, May 31, 2012


Consequent to the new railway timetable coming into effect from 1st July 2012 and in view of smooth operational system, the numbers of the some of trains originating from East Coast Railway jurisdiction will be changed.

12579/12580 Digha-Puri-Digha Express will be re-numbered as 22889/22890 Digha-Puri-Digha Express.

12581/12582 Pune-Bhubaneswar-Pune Express will be re-numbered as 22881/22882 Pune-Bhubaneswar-Pune Express.

12585/12586 Howrah-Sambalpur-Howrah Express as 22803/22804 Howrah-Sambalpur-Howrah Express.

12743/12744 Puri-Surat-Puri Express as 22827/22828 Puri-Surat-Puri Express.

12745/12746 LTT-Puri-LTT Express as 22865/22866 LTT-Puri-LTT Express.

12749/12750 Visakhapatnam-LTT-Visakhapatnam Express will be re-numbered as 22819/22820 Visakhapatnam-LTT-Visakhapatnam Express

All the above trains will be renumbered  effect from 1st October 2012.

12583/12584 Valsad-Puri-Valsad Expresswill be re-numbered as 22909/22910 Valsad-Puri-Valsad Express with effect from 27th Sept 2012.