Tuesday, August 14, 2012


To clear the heavy waiting list, the following trains will be augmented temporarily with one Second Class Chair Car Coach on the dates mentioned against each.

1)T.No.12661 Chennai Egmore – Sengottai Podhigai Express from 15.8.2012 to 14.9.2012

2)T.No.12662 Sengottai – Chennai Egmore Podhigai Express from 16.8.2012 to 15.9.2012

3)T.No.16713 Chennai Egmore – Rameswaram Express from 15.8.2012 to 14.9.2012

4)T.No.16714 Rameswaram – Chennai Egmore Express from 16.8.2012 to 15.9.2012.