Monday, May 26, 2014

Premium AC Special Train Between Kamakhya and New Delhi

  N.F. Railway has been running 02503/02504 Kamakhya – New Delhi Weekly Premium AC Special Train for 11 trips with effect from 16-04-2014 Ex. Kamakhya at 16.25 hours o­n every Wednesday  and with effect from  17-04-2014 Ex. New Delhi at 18.15 hours o­n every Thursday. Now there are o­nly 5(Five) trips remain.
Sl.  Date Ex Kamakhya                                                                                    Sl.  Date Ex New Delhi
1.28-05-2014                                                                                                      1.29-04-2014
2.04-06-2014                                                                                                      2.05-06-2014
3.01-07-2014                                                                                                      3.12-07-2014
4.18-07-2014                                                                                                      4.19-07-2014
5.25-07-2014                                                                                                      5.26-07-2014
The train stops at New Jalpaiguri, Katihar, Barauni, Varanasi and Lucknow in between Kamakhya and New Delhi.
The train has four AC two tiers, eight AC 3 tiers and a pantry car. The fare of the train is dynamic , which is progressively increasing. In the fare catering charges are included. No concession shall be applicable in this train. Ticket will not be available at PRS and will o­nly be available at  within 15 days from the date of Journey of each trips. There is no provision for cancellation of tickets o­nce purchased.