Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Change in Timings of Certain Passenger Trains

In order to accommodate the rake of recently introduced Double Ducker AC Super Fast Train for pit line maintenance at Kacheguda Station, the pit line examination of T.No. 57623 Kacheguda-Guntur Passenger is shifted from Kacheguda to Guntur and the timings of the following Passenger trains are revised as detailed below:-

1)T.No 57623 Kacheguda-Guntur Passenger:-With effect from 13th May, 2014, this Passenger Train will depart Kacheguda at 04:45 hrs, instead of 05:10 hrs and arrive Guntur at 21:00 hrs instead of 22:30 hrs.

2)T.No. 57640 Guntur-Tirupati Passenger:-With effect from 12th May, 2012, this Passenger train will depart Guntur at 04:45 hrs instead of 01:00 hr. and arrive Tirupati at 14:50 hrs instead of11:55 hrs.

3)T.No.57639 Tirupati-Guntur Passenger:- With effect from 12th May, 2014, this Passenger train will depart Tirupati at16:00hrsinstead of15:00hrsand arrive Guntur at03:15hrs instead of03:00 hrs.